Fibre Reduction's products  have been used with confidence by the oil industry for over 50 years and are used as bridging materials to restore loss of circulation when drilling for oil or natural gas and during well workovers. Fibre Reduction is the original manufacturer of Celloflake, serving the oil and gas industry since 1964.

The selection of lost circulation materials is critical during work-over operations since the barrier should be completely removed in preparation to placing the wells back in production. Our exceptional quality control standards and decades of experience in producing Celloflake ensures that you receive the highest quality cellulose and polypropylene products. 
Cello-Flake, our cellophane flake product
is cellulose film cut into 3/8 inch pieces and used as a lost circulation additive or bridging material in cement to stop leaks in highly permeable and fractured formations down hole prior to fracking, or conventional well preparation.

Our Cello-Flake has been considered the industry standard for over 50 years.




 We will be happy to send samples upon request.

Polypropylene in 3/8 inch flakes is also available at Fibre Reduction.

Serving the Oil Field Since 1964
 Fibre Reduction is Family Owned and Operated.

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The Original Manufacturer of Celloflake